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Alexi, Ahhh, Sexy Alexi.  This boy is amazing in bed, absolutely shockingly awesome. Considering his lack of experience (which only includes two other girls, whom were both virgins.) We had been dating, and were arguing a lot. I told him he was acting different towards his friends, and that I didn't like being the cause of that. I told him it wasn't working, and ended it. He came running after me as I walked back to my car, he grabbed me by the arm. We talked about it and discussed it, and decided things could work out.
I headed to a party with Laiho, "Cute but Slow", Screamer, and Screamers band mate 'Rhythm' (rhythm guitarist for the band).  All the people that they lived with were there, already pretty drunk. I'm trying to get a game of Halo 2 started and keep wandering back and forth between the living room and Cute but Slows room. I walk into the room to see Screamer on the bed, in his socks. I'm not afraid of feet so I scoop one up and start rubbing it. I do this for a while and then, “Hey aren't you dating Alexi?” he asked me. "Naw we broke up earlier today. " I say and shrug. A few minutes later I am offered a back rub from Rhythm. " I'm down! " ( I'm a sucker for back rubs.) I smooth my skirt down while I stretch out on my tummy, Laiho on one side, Screamer on the other and Rhythm just to my side rubbing my back and doing a great job. I start dreaming for a minute and decide to just relax and enjoy it. Eventually I and Laiho start wrestling, he gets that way when he drinks. He literally picks me up and throws me onto the bed, where I tumble into Screamer, who is pretty wasted by now and pulls me into his lap and cuddles me. I raise an eyebrow at Liaho. Rhythm gives up on the back rub and leaves, Cute but Slow was arguing with his sister in the living room. Laiho smiles, nods and stands up, “Should I lock the door?” he mouths to me. I nod and continue wrestling and messing around with Screamer.  His brunette hair straight to his lower back. Huge crystal blue eyes. Tall, broad shouldered and built. He pins me on the bed and we start making out, almost having sex. My shirt and bra on the floor, his pants are undone, shirt pushed up high on his chest. “This is Rhythms bed. “ he complained, " He has to sleep here tonight. " I sigh and roll over, pulling my bra to me and clasping it back in place. “My house then?” he nods and we dress and then drive over to my house, a few miles over the bridge. I slip into my room and we lay down, talking a bit, turning music on and then getting right back to where we started.
He pulls me on top and I start to really enjoy myself when he looks up at says, " Not bad for a virgin huh?” I almost died. I stopped moving and asked, " What? " and he laughed and pushed up into me again, trying to inspire me to keep going although all it does is grind his huge dick against my insides and makes me groan a little.
"You're not a virgin.?" I replied shaking my head determinedly and moving a little, trying to regain my composure.
"Yes I am, didn't you know? " he asks and I reach over grabbing my cell phone. " There's no way. " I reply sternly and dial Laiho's number. He answers on the second try. "What! " he sounds tired, it's only 3 am. “Is Screamer a virgin?”, hearing me talk about him, screamer pushes up once more and laughs at the whole situation. “Yeah, everybody knows he's a virgin. You didn't know he was a virgin? " Laiho asks starting to get angry with me. " Not any more he's not! " I said just as angrily back and hung up.
I shrug my shoulders and finish with Screamer. " Told you I was a virgin. " he says. I snuggled closer to his shoulder and lay my head on his chest, pulling the blanket over me, "You're effing crazy. "I close my eyes and think over and over again, why would he lose it to me?

The next day I break up with Alexi. I didn't tell him about my cheating, I just make sure that we're not together anymore, and I make sure that I and the lead singer of my favorite local metal band Screamer are together. Alexi comes to me one night while I'm visiting Crazy Goth Girl and Screamer and demands to speak with me.  He claims he just found out I cheated on him with "The Blackness" also.  Damn, I can't handle the look in his eyes, intense and broken. I walk away. I just walk down the street and leave them all behind.  I bounced to Laiho's house and soon after I began to explain what was going on.  Alexi came by looking devastated. He tried talking but I was busy smoking and slightly ignoring him. Finally he turned and walked away. I finished my cigarette, thanked Laiho and ran to catch up with Alexi. I wrapped my arms around his waist and pulled him back to me, " Let's talk" I said and we chatted Idly on a bench for a while, I was texting the blackness, and he pulled up in his convertible and told us to both get in. We grudgingly did and with a few minutes of being fully honest with each other we were all back to laughing and talking and ended back at my house. I hooked up with the blackness one more time and decided that the odds between when it was good and when it was bad were stacking up to the latter. I climbed on top of my Alexi and orgasmed like only he can make me. We talked and discussed what I wanted. I had already taken Screamers virginity, unknowingly. But now I had a clingy virgin stuck to me like emotional glue. I told Alexi I wanted him back, I wanted him to wait for me to get Screamer off my case without mentally scarring him and then we could be back together. This worked for about a week and a half.
A week of awesome sex and orgasmic bliss continued.
Liaho found out that I had been cheating on Screamer for the whole time and demanded I tell him. We drove up there and told him and broke up with him. He took it pretty well and said he wishes things could have been different but didn't expect anything less considering he was the third party to begin with. I spent the next week being single. I had them both in the palm of my hand but can't say I wasn't enjoying it. A few parties go by with me, Screamer, and Alexi in the same place, with alcohol, and the drama rises and finally boils over. I take a good hard look at my life and make my decision. I go to Alexi's and talk to him and we decide to try the whole dating thing once more...

A Great Loss

My Metal Head Ex Boyfriends Dick.
May he go on to other places, and
Fuck other vagina's, and
Find many many orgasms.

A sad sad day indeed. The day I have to tell the tale of such great remorse. I absolutely loved having my ex boyfriend back in my life, just as friends. Though who would I have been to complain when our friendship developed into a casual fuck buddy situation? A greedy bitch is who I would have been, but in fact, I was quite happy. I could go to his house, hang out, talk with someone who was incredibly knowledgeable about Metal, and music in general, mess around, fuck, sometimes stay the night, and leave in the morning happier than ever. It was like having a boyfriend without the fights, or the drama, or commitment... OK so it was basically the perfect situation. It's quite saddening to come now, to the horrible news. Just recently I had stayed at his place, and the morning when he drove me home, after we grabbed some breakfast at jack in the box ( Didn't I tell you it was perfect? A fuck and some food? ) and he informed me that he would be going to visit a girl he had been talking to on-line for quite a while, and who lives a few hours away. *shrug* Whatever, fuck her, don't get anything, come back and keep fucking me. Is all I could really conjure up for much of caring. Though, When he returned, I noticed something different the first time I saw him. You've got to be kidding. They were totally fucking DATING. Even more sadly, He is not the type easily swayed to cheat, and especially not with me, whom he's seen do it to others many times before over the years. Hence, the depressing recantation of our sexual history.

Your Virginity
One of three that I've taken, It's half somewhere on a couch that I heard my parents gave to some friends of ours a few years ago, and half on my bed. I'm sure The Prudent Chick, totally remembers you losing it behind her while she surfed the net on my comp with her back to us. You were damn good for your first time.

Your Mom
Totally walked in on us having sex, and though both of us remember it different ways, it happened, and now I can laugh my ass off at your mom seeing me naked. Though I'm not sure if I could ever look her in the face.

Skinny Dipping
Will almost inevitably lead to sex. As it did with us the very first time we hung out after the break up and that long period of time where I was in la la land on Prozac. Sorry that your ex girlfriend found stains on your sheets, but the bitch hates me and I just think that whole situation was funny. Pinning me against the wall was awesome, I could barely walk afterwords.

A Kind of Threesome?
When you and the Stoner Girl/Drunk Girl stayed at my house, I expected a lot to happen. Unfortunately, she wouldn't for the life of her, pound drinks as she had the night of the amazing five some. She was probably a little buzzed when I crawled on top, making out with her and rubbing my hand against her. You taking my from behind while I did that, and eventually eating her out was just a plus.

Another Kind of Threesome?
Did you have to compare cock sizes with your Black room mate? You are awful! How could you rope me into something you know I don't do! Dark meat is a no no! Ugh, and I was so fucking sore afterwords that I couldn't even sleep with you to console myself.

A Finally Good Bye
The last time we had sex before your cock was zippered up and hidden away until your relationship is over, and you're over her, was pretty damn good. Though, I have to say, so was the breakfast at J in the B and the Dr. Pepper.

All in all, Thanks for all the awesome sex, and the great Cd's you let me burn. I will still hang out with you, I guess, because you throw awesome parties with lots of really hot drunk guys, and because you're still my friend, but it won't be the same without fucking you afterwords. Oh and by the way, no girl likes to hear about sex with the girl she lost you too! I don't care how open and chill I am, I so didn't want to hear that she called you the energizer bunny. Gross. I dub thee, Excalibur. Much better of a nick name than, Energizer bunny.

Nikita Tries Dark Meat, Again

I've had a few men lately, but nothing seems to be satisfying my addiction.
So I've adopted a new habit. Porn!
I have been watching more porn then I ever have before.  I do have an affinity for guy on guy, so there is the gay twink porn. I enjoy petite pale women, so there is the gothic alternative lesbian porn. Though my all time favorite porn would have to be solo masturbation. I'm some what of a voyeur as I've mentioned before, and I really get off on watching a hot loner masturbating. It probably feeds into my rape fantasy that I described in the female fantasies forum. Considering I almost always imagine myself walking into the room where they are masturbating, and taking them, willing or not.
I'm so glad other people have the rape fantasy and I know it now, because I was always so very very ashamed of it.
I know right? Me? Ashamed? confusing, yes. But true.
I had an interesting tag team that included my metal head ex boyfriend and his room mate - my black friend, my first taste of chocolate if you will. I've never before had a black man, and after that, I was almost positive I would never again take a colored man to my bed. It was awful. He was far too big, I don't find dark skin attractive, and not all that skilled for the absurd amount of women he claims to have had. I was almost positive, until last weekend when my half black friend from my favorite local band came over.
And now I'm sure. Never again will I enjoy the flavor of dark meat. Oh, and a news flash, maybe Scene boy is coming home?

When Threesomes Go Wrong, Part II

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Even though I was an only child, I've never had a problem sharing.
From my toys to my boys (As similar as those are) growing up that was something that never changed.

It was towards the end of mine and Scene Boys relationship, he had become involved with another boy to whom will go by Lush Fan. I agreed to allow them to start dating seperately from me. I was dating Scene Boy, and Scene Boy was dating Lush Fan.
After a while, we all got together at my place and the day went pretty smoothly. Lush Fan did admit to me he was jealous of Scene Boys comfort level with me and I explained that it had taken months to get him that way, I also reassured him that they would have the same intimacy one day as well.
Scene Boy and I were heading to the shower at the end of the night, and invited Lush Fan but he shook his head scaredly. I shrugged and got down with my man in the shower and then wrapped a towel around myself and left him to finish cleaning up. When I got back to the room Lush Fan confessed that he wanted to join but was shy.
I led him to the bathroom and undressed him before almost shoving him into the shower. I enjoyed the look on my Scene Boys face so much, that I joined once more as well. I stood against the wall in the soft spray of the warm shower and watched them make out just out of the waters reach, Lush Fan's hand was sliding up and down my Scene Boy and I called a time out.
We relocated to the bedroom and all joined in on the fun. Trading hand jobs, blow jobs, and making out we got more and more comfortable with each other. Though I noticed time from time, Lush Fan would try to include me, as often as possible, but his touching would only be around my thighs, not too high up, and my stomach, not too low, and he would nuzzle me, but not kiss.
I instantly figured it out, and backed out of the situation willingly. I'm somewhat of a voyer and didn't mind watching at all. I stepped back and watch my normally strong willed loud mouthed man get bent over and fucked until he almost cried.
I loved every second of it, and masterbated beneath my blanket.

When Threesome go wrong, Part I

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When Threesomes Go Wrong

Discuss in forum We were taking a break 3 months into our relationship. Scene boy and I.
I was interested in a mutual friend of ours, and since we were apart at the moment, walked down to his house and spent the morning with The Goth Kid. 2 second sex with a 2 in dick really let me down and totally squashed any interest I had in him.

We still had a day trip to vegas planned. We hopped in his piece of shit truck, that I thought was endearing when I was imagining him hung like a race horse. He informed me that a girl would be coming with us, and since I still had this stupid idea in my head that I might be able to get over his complete lack of endowment, I was jealous. I sat in the middle between them and pouted all day.
I dubbed her, Skinny Bitch.
Goth kid's brain was probably the same size as his dick, because he thought it'd be a great idea to let her and I spend the day at the mall together while he ran errands. The first hour was awkward and filled with half assed sarcastic comments from me to her about clothes or items we searched through in the stores. Eventually we were laughing and joking about my current fling with Scene Boy, both of our disinterest in Goth Kid, and the pathetic attempts of some vegas losers at picking us up.
Did they really think lines like, " You look lonely. " and " My friend thinks you're pretty. " would work?
We stumbily admitted both of our bisexualities. Interests and tastes in women. Ranging dangerously close to a definition of each other. We spent the rest of the time flirting and talking smack on men.

That night by the time Goth kid dropped us off he could see he wasn't getting any from either of us, and left us to each other. Scene boy showed up at my place and the night was looking promising for me.
I had gotten some kisses from Skinny Less Than Bitchy now and was making out with Scene Boy left and right.
Finally making a new music playlist on my computer and laying on my bed, I had them both there and the beginnings of a threesome was evident. I stripped her naked first, more interested in a well built female than a boy I've seen before. Scene boy tried to inject himself into the situation multiple times and each time skinny less than bitch would phase him out. Finally with a deep sigh she whispered in my ear, " He can touch you, but if this goes any farther, I don't want him to touch me. " I smirked at it wondering what was wrong.
My Scene Boy was rather pretty, why would she turn him down? " Are you sure, he's really good with his mou..." she cut me off, " You're enough for me. "
That sure got me going and within 5 minutes we were down to it and he was off the bed, angstily surfing the net with his back to us.
My advice to you, is that next time you get into a threesome, make sure everyones gets to play.

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Slut Confessions

Mr. Phucked would like to introduce you to Nikita.  She is a fully accomplished and admitted Slut.
Here at Thats Phucked, we love sluts.  So much so we have created a new Slut Confessions section in our forum.
Sluts can now feel at home and are free to tell us their stories.

"Truly, if all I could do was fuck...I would.
I've been told during conversations, that this is typical of men.  However, I am female.  I've also been told, that being as sexually active as I am, makes me a slut. Well then, let me re-introduce myself. I'm a slut, and proud of it. I love sex. I have an extreme love and appreciation for the human body, male and female alike. I'm not kinky, I am the kink. Truly, there is not much you could do that would freak me out. Well, those 2 girls 1 cup videos freak me out, but anything else is fine."

Read more of our first Confessions from Nikita

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