That's Phucked

Phucked Bus Stop

What do you do when you're waiting for the bus and your beer is finished? Fuck it of course!

Corn Phucker

Girls normally prefer their penises with no condoms, they prefer skin on skin too you know!
They also like to feel the veins. Anyway, back to the corn.
This whore just loves to feel lots of "veins" corn on the cobcock anyone?

Thanks to Chrocrodia for uploading the video

Hot Sauce Pussy

In response to one of our regulars on the I Hate My Penis Part 2 who asked. Why is there not a I hate my pussy article?
Here you go vucko27. Leave it to the crazy Japanese again to pour hot Sauce on a pussy and then, well watch and see!

Stapled Flappy Pussy Sex

Ladies with big flappy pussy lips now know what to do with them. You can attach them together with metal and let your guy phuck your pussy lips.
Readers, there is always a solution to every problem. I have to give her kudos for working with what she has got.

Exploding Pussy

Shout-out to chrocrodia for uploading the exploding pussy video!

Penis Probe

Why any guy would want to stick anything in their pee hole beats me. 
Remember the 1 Guy 1 Screwdriver?

penis probe

BTW. If anyone wants to try this. You can order the Anal Intruder With Urethral Plug. Yeah, really!
If can be all yours for the low prices of $64.99!
Anal Intruder with Urethral Plug

Penis Doll For Ages 18 And Over

Too old for regular dolls?  Try the penis doll, she holds on tight!

"Buy within the next 30 minutes and she comes with kinky boots"

Penis Doll For Ages 18+

Bondage Pussy Play

Carefully watch.  Someone is phucking with the white pussy.
Wait, they are both white.  OK, the hairy white pussy.

Anatomically Correct Dolls

How about some Anatomically Correct Dolls?
Ordered from Amazon!

These dolls apparently feature:

  • 4 Doll Set (man, woman, boy, girl).
  • Choose from 3 skin colors (white, brown, black). White available on Amazon - other skin colors through
  • Sexually detailed (Males- penis, testicles. Females - vagina, clitoris, breasts). All have anus, mouth with tongue. Adults have pubic hair.
  • Washable, soft fabric. Comes with canvas carrying bag, clothes and underwear, 5 doll size condoms.
  • Adult dolls 22", child dolls 17" Hand made in USA, women-run micro business.
Anatomically Correct Dolls

That is some phucked up freaky looking dolls! - Adult Disclaimer

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