That's Phucked

Game Of Footy Anyone?

Come on, lets go play some footy

game of gore footy

Hole In One

Tiger finally gets a hole in one.  Just not the hole you may be expecting...

Friday The 13th

The say white man can't jump?  Adidas guy here didn't make it.
If only he had worn Nike... 


Want a reason to NOT workout?

Three hours a day in the gym.  3,000 calories a day.  Three inch wide thong.
Looking like a complete tool, priceless...

Want a reason to NOT workout?

Also.  Check out how small his knees look!

Amputee Wrestling

Amputee Wrestling?  Seriously? I'll put $10 on the Amputee.  Maybe he can insert a stump up the other guys ass.
That reminds me of the 2 Guys 1 Stump video

Amputee Wrestling

Professional Masturbator

We often see flashers at sports games.  But sports Masturbators? Nice!
After recently attending a game myself, this is pretty phucken funny!

Professional Masturbator at the sports game

Car vs. Bikes

Maybe this is why texting and driving should be banned?

cars vs. bikes

Uploaded by teefongabloop

Gay Boxer Gets Owned

Boxer gets owned. Funny thing is the guy who got kissed I bet IS gay!

Failed Mountain Rescue

In this case the rescuer is going to need rescued.
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