That's Phucked

1 Leg, 1 Arm, 1 Penis

He may have lost a leg and an arm, but still have his penis!

1 Leg, 1 Arm, 1 Penis

1 Girl, 3 Men, 1 Champagne Bottle

You've been to weddings where they shake the champagne bottle? This is what the husband to be should really be doing to his bride that evening.
Very novel approach to Champagne drinking...

Shout out (again) to chrocrodia for uploading the video.

1 Girl 5 Guys 1 Fist

What is the 1 Girl 5 Guys 1 Fist?
You can probably guess that is involves 1 girl, 5 guys and one fist up the poor girls pussy.
Good times? You be the judge of that...

4 Dicks 1 Whore

Ever wondered how many dicks you can fit in 1 whore?
4 appears to be the max that will currently fit into a whore.  I have yet to be able to find a video of double anal, double vagina (4 dicks, 1 whore, 2 holes).
If anyone has that BTW, send my way!

At the end of the video she slumps down, exhausted.  Not too surprising since she does take 4 dicks!

1 Bottle, 1 Bag, 1 Head

If this guy ever gets pulled over.  Conversation may go something like this:

Cop: "Sir, please hand me your license and regis.... sir, is that a head in your footwell?"

Driver: "Head?  What head?  Where?"

Cop: "There is a head laying in your passenger footwell.  Please step out of the car" 

Driver is currently serving 25 to life... 


2 Girls 1 Cup Video - The Return

Did you all think that 2 girls 1 cup was gone forever?  Can't find it on any other site?
Well think again folks. 2 Girls 1 cup has returned, well almost.

2 Girls 1 Cup has returned with slight editing but can still bring back memories of that unmistakable 2 Girls 1 Cup music.

Follow the 2 Girls 1 Cup Video link to the original posting.


Racism Week, Day 1 - Asians

I bet you all thought I'd start with Black didn't you?  Nope, Asians are the target today...

Racism Week, Day 1 - Asians
Racism Week, Day 1 - Asians

Dead Guy After 1 Year

This is what you look like if you die in your chair and are discovered one year later.  Notice how his ball area seems to have deteriorated badly even through his jeans?

dead for 1 year

dead for 1 year

1 Pussy 1 Vase

She's back, for the last time for a while.  She is now inserting a Vase into her pussy.

Look how it really stretches her out, phucked up! - Adult Disclaimer

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