That's Phucked

Camel Rescue Fail

They came, they cared, they tried, they failed.

Can I have fries with that?

Dead horse being cut up
Dead horse being cut up
Dead horse being cut up

Nail That Bird

Want to nail a bird? (That's fucking a girl in British speak)

Nail That Bird

Beaten And Left As Animal Food

Animals have to eat as well you know...

Beaten And Left As Animal Food
Beaten And Left As Animal Food

Dog Burger

Would you like fries with your dog steak?

Animal Cruelty Vote is now only 63%...

Dog Steak Anyone

Should Animal Cruelty Videos Be Shown?

Should Animal Cruelty Videos Be Shown?

Many have complained that Animal Cruelty videos should not be shown. Even on
To express your opinion I have created a POLL to determine this once and for all.

Vote On Animal Cruelty Videos Here

NOTE: You don't need to be a registered forum member to vote, only to comment.

UPDATE 06/01/2011

So far according to the votes on animal cruelty vidoes.  65% of you say it's OK to show the videos.
If you disagree, you'd better vote!

Rat Vagina

Even rats need a good home.  I guess it's better than rats living in your walls...?

Mr. Phucked's Pet

I take this thing for walks every day. I still don't know what it is. Anyone?

What the phuck is this

Uploaded by sexliesandlust

Stuffed Animal Phucker

This guys really needs to get over playing with his stuffed animals!
He likes them so much, he lets them phuck him and then he phucks them!
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