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Man Cuts Out His Own Balls

Perhaps he didn't want any more children? Yeah, this should cover it as he cuts out his own balls.

Extreme case of blueballs

Extreme case of blueballs for sure! 

Extreme case of blueballs
Thanks to footyhead for uploading the pic.

Oh Balls!

Every man feels his pain here. Ouch!
(Start on the wood jokes)

stick through his balls
Thanks to phantasm for uploading to ThatsPhucked

Blue Balls Kill

GF not putting out? Told her about blue balls and still no action?
Show her this pic of what can happen without a release. Maybe, just maybe...

Urban Dictionary definition of blue balls :

"the excrutiating[sic] pain a man receives when his balls swell to the size of coconuts because of lack of sex, unfinished bjs, and just not cummin[sic] when he knows he should. "


Testicular Cancer Mascot In Brazil

Testicular cancer in Brazil is serious business.  He is known as Mr Balls, or “Senhor Testiculo”
He is complete with balls, hair and a pedo like smile. 
Posing with girls in school.  Disturbing...

Testicular Cancer Mascot In Brazil

Testicular Cancer Mascot In Brazil

Skank Of The Week 6th Nov 2013

This one barely can be classified as a skank, due to the penis. But he/she scares the crap out of me.
So here you go!

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skank of the week

Removing My Own Testicle

I never understand why people mutilate their private parts.  This guy for some reason has some problem with his testical.
So he decided to remove it, himself!

Penis Modification 1
Penis Modification 1
Penis Modification 1
Penis Modification 1


I have added some Meatotomy stuff on here before.  Check out the Meatotomy Video

For this picture.  Click on it to get an extreme close up. As a guy with two proud balls, ouch!

meatotomie picture


Penis Abuse

Some guys.  Will get off on anything.  Anyone out there like their balls being stood on? - Adult Disclaimer

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