That's Phucked

Phucked Bus Stop

What do you do when you're waiting for the bus and your beer is finished? Fuck it of course!

Beer Bottle Littering

It is just terrible how people litter the streets with bottle tops.

Beer Bottle Littering

1 Girl, 3 Men, 1 Champagne Bottle

You've been to weddings where they shake the champagne bottle? This is what the husband to be should really be doing to his bride that evening.
Very novel approach to Champagne drinking...

Shout out (again) to chrocrodia for uploading the video.

1 Bottle, 1 Bag, 1 Head

If this guy ever gets pulled over.  Conversation may go something like this:

Cop: "Sir, please hand me your license and regis.... sir, is that a head in your footwell?"

Driver: "Head?  What head?  Where?"

Cop: "There is a head laying in your passenger footwell.  Please step out of the car" 

Driver is currently serving 25 to life... 


Phucked Up Tranny

Take a tranny, fill him/her with alcohol and then stick the empty bottle up their ass.  Yeah, that's a good night...

tranny with bottle up their ass

1 Ass 7 Up

A few days ago we brought you the Ass Bowling Video, now she sticks a 7 up bottle up her ass.

Bottle Phucker

Not nearly as phucked up as the Jar Squatter. But phucking a bottle? Why?

Bottle Phucker

You put what in your ass?

In this x-ray picture of a man/woman (not sure) you can clearly see the bottle WAY up there!

Bottle In Ass

Thanks to "despisedicon" for submitting this to Mr. Phucked
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