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Testicular Cancer Mascot In Brazil

Testicular cancer in Brazil is serious business.  He is known as Mr Balls, or “Senhor Testiculo”
He is complete with balls, hair and a pedo like smile. 
Posing with girls in school.  Disturbing...

Testicular Cancer Mascot In Brazil

Testicular Cancer Mascot In Brazil

Man In Brazil Eaten By Piranhas

A crane was being transported on top of a ferry on the Amazon River. The crane fell into the river and the driver died.
The piranhas then proceeded to have a tasty meal Surprised

This is the result: 

Man In Brazil Eaten By Piranhas
Man In Brazil Eaten By Piranhas
Man In Brazil Eaten By Piranhas
Man In Brazil Eaten By Piranhas
Thanks to Sgt. Osiris from Brazil for submitting this to Mr. Phucked
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Convicted Of Raping 4 Year Old

This guy was convicted of raping a 4 year old.  He was killed in prison in Brazil.
Guess they have their own justice down there!

Maybe we should send our pedo's to Brazil to serve their time.
I bet they removed his penis first and made him watch!

Convicted Of Raping 4 Year Old in brazil

Car Accident In Brazil

Car accident in brazil.  Little known fact about Brazil.
Did you know that most of their cars are powered with sugarcane ethanol?  So basically sugar.

Car Accident In Brazil

Car Accident In Brazil

Car Accident In Brazil

What is Brazilian Fart Porn?

Brazilian fart porn

After watching the most recent episode of South Park.  Randy was watching something called "Brazilian Fart Porn"
So what is Brazilian Fart Porn you might ask...

It's not too different from what you might think.  One girl presumably eats 4 tins of beans.  Bends over, farts, while another girls breaths in her farts.

If anyone reading this is from Brazil.  How come all the really Good/Freaky/Funny videos are from Brazil...?
Now they bring us Brazilian Fart Porn, enjoy...

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