That's Phucked

Phucked Bus Stop

What do you do when you're waiting for the bus and your beer is finished? Fuck it of course!

Horny Students Fuck On The Bus

You have to be pretty horny to just fuck on the bus with other people around. High five to them both!

Bus Falls Off Cliff - Mass Death

Thanks to intelecto for uploading the video to ThatsPhucked. Bummer the video ends too soon!

MTA Bus Driver Fights Student On Bus In Baltimore

Remeber the AC Transit Bus Fight I am a Motherfucker video with the old dude and the black kid fighting?
Here is another similar incident between a bus driver and a passanger who was playing her music too loud?

Maybe they were playing the Cattle Decapitation song?

Bus Driver Assault

Seems to have been hit for no apparent reason.

EDIT.  You can also enjoy the AC Transit Bus Fight I am a Motherfucker

Bus Crash And Fire

Some poeple made it out with a few burns, some had their insides coming out, some are not going home.
Think they get a refund on the bus fare?

Bus Crash And Fire

Bus Crash And Fire

Bus Crash And Fire

Bus Crash And Fire burn victim

Bus Crash And Fire with people burned alive

12 Year Old Hit By Bus

After yesterday's Look both ways before you cross.  Here is another...


12 Year Old Hit By Bus

AC Transit Bus Fight I am a Motherfucker

Sometimes ever YouTube has some pretty decent Phucked Up Shit.  Here is one example of a white vs. black "argument"

Mowed Down In The Street

This video is like bowling except with real people.
I think the driver should get at least 100 points for this! - Adult Disclaimer

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