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Mole Check?

In this pic he appears to be pointing to the guys mole on his chest.
As if to say "You are OK, that is not cancerous" but then seems to be forgetting about the damage to his head?

Mole check please?

Testicular Cancer Mascot In Brazil

Testicular cancer in Brazil is serious business.  He is known as Mr Balls, or “Senhor Testiculo”
He is complete with balls, hair and a pedo like smile. 
Posing with girls in school.  Disturbing...

Testicular Cancer Mascot In Brazil

Testicular Cancer Mascot In Brazil

My Strange Addiction - Urine Drinker

I'll watch the gore, no problem.  Girl drinking cum, no problem.
But someone drinking urine? Almost brings some barf up!

"Sometimes salty, sometimes plum champagne"

She drinks it, brushes her teeth in it, bathes in it and shampoos her hair in it!

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Breast Cancer #3

Some more breast cancer pictures.

... and some nice breasts....

Breast Cancer #2

Remember ladies.  Get your breast exams.  Then hopefully yours will remain like the second picture Tongue out

Breast cancer
Breast cancer

Breast Cancer

Remember girls, get your breasts checked. You don't want this!

Breast Cancer

Masturbation Cuts Cancer Risk


If you ever needed an excuse to masturbate, you now have one.
Researches say it's good for you and could reduce your risk of developing prostate cancer!

Australian researchers questioned over 1,000 men who had developed prostate cancer and 1,250 who had not about their sexual habits.
They found those who had ejaculated the most between the ages of 20 and 50 were the least likely to develop the cancer.
Men who ejaculated more than five times a week were a third less likely to develop prostate cancer later in life.

The researchers suggest that ejaculating may prevent carcinogens accumulating in the prostate gland.
The prostate provides a fluid into semen during ejaculation that activates sperm and prevents them sticking together.
The fluid has high concentrations of substances including potassium, zinc, fructose and citric acid, which are drawn from the bloodstream.

So go grab some tissues and lube and search some porn sites guys!
Masturbation Does Your Body Good.

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10 minutes on cell phone causes cancer

Yet another cell phone study...

Rehovot (Israel) - A new study casts one of the most negative lights on cell phone usage, claiming that just 10 minutes of chatting can lead to cancer.

According to the study, performed by the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, just minutes of the radiation exposure caused from cell phones can spark the cell division problems that lead to cancerous tumors.

The study exposed human cells to radiation of 875 megahertz, slightly less than the level most handsets emit.  Within 10 minutes, say researchers, the chemical signal indicative of tumor development process was active.

Current cell phone study tally:

Studies that claim cell phones do not cause cancer: 1,325,120
Studies that
claim cell phones do cause cancer: 8
Studies silenced by the cellular industry: 1,325,112

Full story here

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