That's Phucked

Tip Of The Day - Do Not Stick Head Under Wheel

This is a good tip. If only this guy had listened...

dead man bleeding head

Man Crushed By Container In China

Just try to watch this just once, just try!
The poor bastard almost made it. Now only if...
1. Had he stayed in the truck?
2. What if he ran to the side instead of straight out?
3. What if he crouched down next to the wheel?

Of course it does not matter now.  He is one inch tall...

Does my hair look OK?

Crushed By Elevator

Crushed by elevator and even is even nice enough to show us their ass.
Now.  Male of female?  I'm thinking male since there is what looks like the beginning of a ball sack.
But as you all know, I've been wrong before!

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