That's Phucked

Penis Cutting In Africa

Circumcision in the west and most developed nations you're "put under" and you wake up with a little less on your penis.
In Africa however Circumcision is a whole different deal!

Hand Cut From Loyal Reader

Normally posts are from pictures of the dead, that are often truly phuckep up.
However today I'll feature a picture of a reader who phucked up his hand pretty good, check out those tendons...

(Click pic to zoom)
Reader hand cut

Thanks to Jakestoned who was perhaps stoned when he did this!

Syria ISIS Execution In The Street

At least he is not a hack job like many of the South American executions. Clean off!

Tried To Run, But Failed

This poor phucker tried to run from someone with a saw.
They lost the race. Remember if you're being chased you only need to run faster than your buddy...

Tried to run, but failed the batte of the saw

Divorce Is Final

Sometimes, there is only one way to finalize a divorce.

Divorce Is Final

Mr. Fingers

This is not from the exploding bomb in hand video.  But he certainly still had a bad day!

Mr. Fingers

All Cut Up

Cop "I hear you were cut-up over your breakup with your gf"?
Suspect "Yeah, I was.  So I cut the bitch"


All Cut Up

Careful With The Head

Careful with the head.  You do not want to damage her neck.
Oh wait, looks like he is too late...

Careful With The Head

Air Bags Save Lives...

Air bags do save lives...but not in this case!

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