That's Phucked

Headless horsemen?

Headless horsemen?  Perhaps not. Headless for sure...

Lost Head, But Maybe Not Forever?

After reading recently that some guy in Europe will try a head transplant. That brings hope to people like this.
Maybe one day these guys can be saved...

lost head

Ass On A Platter

Apparently this happened to the brother from yesterday. OK, kidding about that part.
What did this poor bastard do to deserve this?

Ass on a platter

Syria ISIS Execution In The Street

At least he is not a hack job like many of the South American executions. Clean off!

Head Week #2

In today's example? Well, I just don't know!
Head is on a road but I doubt it is a road accident. His head just seemed to explode, and then fall off.

exploding head

Head Week

In the first article of head week. We'll see just how many ways there are to phuck up your head.
In this example, looks like a hanging to the extreme.

Head week, no head missing

From Three Legs To One

Every man has "3 legs" but this poor bastard is down to just one. Or is it really just 0.5?

Three Legs To One

Look what we found?

Look what we found? Yeah, head


Blackhead Platter

WTF they're doing here.  I have no idea.
All I know is, it is fucked up.

(NOTE: Seems like black on black violence)

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