That's Phucked

Dog Herpes

OK, maybe not Herpes. But the dog is not happy anyway!

Picture of Dog Herpes

Got Butter?

What do you get if you put butter on your pussy and your puppy is around?
Got butter?

No Threesome?

Not many cases when a threesome is not wanted. But this could be one...

The Dog Man

Dude thinks he is a dog? He even scoots his ass on the floor just like one.

Human Dog Food

Interesting to note the chest area.  The body appears to have either it's organs removed or already gone through postmortem.
Either way.  Dog is hungry...

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Human Dog Food

Championship Dog Ass

This is strangely phucked.  Why is she so proud of her dogs ass?
Is this one of those things where she slaps on some peanut butter onto her pussy and asks her dog
"Ok boy, eat up!"

Championship Dog Ass

Championship Dog Ass

Championship Dog Ass

Asians, Dogs and Flied Lice

Asians cook dogs and toss them over walls.
asian toss dog off bridge

I Love My Dog

Just like Spot The Dog, you don't know if the dog is actually phucking her.
I do find this one amusing since both bitches have the same look on their faces...

I guess other captions could be...

"Honey, you're home early!"
"Honey, you can go next"
"Honey, it's not your fault fluffy is bigger"

Feel free to add more in the comments!

I love my dog

Spot The Dog?

So which one is the dog?
The one on the left or the one on the right?

spot the dog?  Dog fucking a girl - Adult Disclaimer

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