That's Phucked

Drunk Driver Kills Passenger, Elisa Acuna Santana

Drunk driver loses control of his car and seriously injures three people and killing one.
Rodrigo Uribes Maldonado lost control of his car and fell off a bridge in Puerto Vallarta.  The victim was Elisa Acuña Santana.

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Elisa Acuna Santana killed by drunk driver

Elisa Acuna Santana killed by drunk driver
Elisa Acuna Santana killed by drunk driver
Elisa Acuna Santana killed by drunk driver
Elisa Acuna Santana killed by drunk driver

Facebook Me?

You know friends always ask "Facebook me?"
This drunk chick wishes she didn't...

Facebook me? with poo on the street

Drunk With Your Cock Out

Heard of rocking with your cock out?  Here is the drunk with your cock out.

Drunk With Your Cock Out

Phucked Up Tranny

Take a tranny, fill him/her with alcohol and then stick the empty bottle up their ass.  Yeah, that's a good night...

tranny with bottle up their ass

Drunk Woman Attempts Self Enema

For some phucked up reason this drunk woman (not bad looking) decides to give herself a self enema.
Let's just say if it went like she hoped, it would not be on this site.   Enjoy...

Dog Licks Drunk Guy

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