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Syria ISIS Execution In The Street

At least he is not a hack job like many of the South American executions. Clean off!

Executions By FSA Rebels in Syria

These are some videos from Syria of the alleged Syrian FSA rebels killing civilians.
The first execution, two guys shoot one guy in the head.
In the second execution they try to figure out how many bullets they can fire into one body (Hint, it's a lot)
In the third video two guys try to shoot the guy at the same time (badly)

As usual some phucked up shit to make you glad you don't live there!

Saddam Hussein Torture Video #3

Following on from the Saddam Hussein Torture Video #1 and Saddam Hussein Torture Video #2  This is the third video of the Saddam Hussein Torture Video set.
This video is the result of an order by Saddam Hussein in 1985 to "blow them to pieces" for allegedly planting bombs.
The finale is some pretty gruesome beheadings.  In Iraq there are some seriously phucked up ways to perform executions.

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Imagine being the guy at the end.  Hearing the others being shot, knowing your time is coming soon.

Chinese Drug Dealer Execution

Guess they really don't like drug dealers in China.  Guess they won't be legalizing Marijuana anytime soon in China.

china drug dealer

china drug dealer

china drug dealer

WARNING: Beheading In the Name Of Allah

Extremely graphic, watch at own risk.  Praise Allah...?

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Guy did not even finish talking before they shot him.  Ouch!
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Execution In Lebanon

In Lebanon, they really know how to administer justice.  In a small village in Lebanon an Egyptian guy was arrested for molesting 2 children and killing them and both her grandparents. He returned to the scene of the crime to assist them in their investigation.  The locals had other ideas and captured him from the police, dragged him behind a car first then put him up an electric pole in the middle of the street.

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Congo Execution

Just toss him over a bridge.  His crime?  unpaid parking ticket... - Adult Disclaimer

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