That's Phucked

Camel Rescue Fail

They came, they cared, they tried, they failed.

Selfie Fail

If you're going to take a sexy selfie with your pants off AND your kid is around. Close the door first!
Little less extreme than our previous selfie picselfie fail

Passing Truck Fail Accident

Is this Karma or what?  The idiot who attempts to pass cannot drive and (probably) kills the occupants in the other car.
Also notice how the SUV driver does not brake until they actually hit the other car.
What a phucken idiot! 

Crap Fail

Awww.  Does she feel left out?  Not enough fiber in her diet?

How the hell does the third girl get a poo that straight without breaking up?
Fake?  Could be...

Crap fail

Porn Fail

This guy is having serious problems trying to NOT cum during a porn shoot.

Piercing Fail

Few questions.

How does he breathe?
Can he hear anything?
Does he ever get laid?

Piercing Fail

Cop Ladder Fail

Lookout below...

Parenting Fail

Kid grabbing her Mom's (Mum if you're British) boob and smoking.  Perfect.

Who wants to take a bet on the kids future? 25 to life?

Parenting fail

Suicide Rescue Fail

Fireman attempts to rescue some guy who was attempting suicide.  Not only did he fall, bounce off the building but his pants come off too.
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