That's Phucked

I think she was cute...

... but not now....
dead girl cute

Everyone Loves a Good Girl Fight

Everyone Loves a Good Girl Fight right? Especially when they're wearing shorts and a tit comes out.
Plus, these girls are pretty brutal. Phucked Up Tongue Out

Too Much Pole Dancing?

Really, WTH happened here? Not even sure this is real...
too much pole dancing

Picture Uploaded by ELCOMANDODELWEST

Sexy Dead Girl

Who is she? Poor victim of a crime? Dead hooker?
We may never know. Either way, waste!


Dr. I Swallowed My Keys, Can You Help?

I'm sure she would now regret heading to the hospital and saying she swallowed her keys....
i swallowed my keys

1 Girl 5 Guys 1 Fist

What is the 1 Girl 5 Guys 1 Fist?
You can probably guess that is involves 1 girl, 5 guys and one fist up the poor girls pussy.
Good times? You be the judge of that...

Will You "Like" My Pic?

Before this she may have been posting her latest "model" picture on facebook.
Look where she is now?

Will You


Do The Twist

You know how the song goes...

Come on baby let's do the twist
Come on baby let's do the twist
Take me by my little hand and go like this
Ee-oh twist baby baby twist
Oooh-yeah just like this
Come on little miss and do the twist

1 Dead Girl 3 Questions

So observations here.
Why are her pants down yet she is still wearing underwear?
What is the white board next to her?
Why does someone not pop that bubble on her left leg? - Adult Disclaimer

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