That's Phucked

Woman Run Over Crossing Street

The woman is run over crossing the street while chatting on his cell phone. Ever need a reason to pay attention? This is it!

Man Cuts Out His Own Balls

Perhaps he didn't want any more children? Yeah, this should cover it as he cuts out his own balls.

Sexy Lady Eats Mouse

Mouse is cute, but apparently tasty. Will she swallow?

Human Dinner - Cannibalism

Sitting down to a nice Turkey this Christmas? Not everyone is...

Ultimate Facial?

Could this be the Ultimate Facial?

Which way to McDonald's?

Tourist "Which way to McDonald's?"
Local: "It is just over there, open till ..." BAM

Hand ripped off by a bus. True? Perhaps not...

Thanks to ThornyDeath for uploading the picture.

The Headless Rider

The Headless Rider. Coming to a theater near you!
headless rider

Finger Cut off on Table Saw

Finger cut off on table saw
Nothing is better regarding GORE than those from real people where we know their story. Joe Zamboni recently had an accident when he cut off his middle finger when a table saw kicked back. The ring finger was hanging by a thread. Reattachment of the middle finger failed and he had to carry the dead finger around for 2 weeks.

We all wish Joe a speedy recovery!

Headless horsemen?

Headless horsemen?  Perhaps not. Headless for sure... - Adult Disclaimer

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