That's Phucked

Human Dinner - Cannibalism

Sitting down to a nice Turkey this Christmas? Not everyone is...

Dog Herpes

OK, maybe not Herpes. But the dog is not happy anyway!

Picture of Dog Herpes

More Maggots In The Pussy

If you look closely (click on the pic to zoom) you'll see there are at least 4 maggots in there. Think she gets off on this? Who the phuck knows!
See some more maggots in the pussy pics.
Maggot in the pussy

Maggots On The Pussy

Maggots and pussy DO NOT go well together.
I don't know how they got onto this pussy.  I did however find a good question and answer on Yahoo Answers.

Q: I found some maggots in my vagina this morning?
I woke up this morning and my vagina was really itchy. I scratched it and felt extra squishiness and when I pulled my hand back there were maggots on it. They were still moving, it was disgusting. I went in the bathroom and cleaned them all out and thankfully none were in me - they were all just in the folds of my labia. What could cause this? I am pregnant, is my baby okay? Please answer, I am so worried and I don't have insurance so I can't see a doctor...

gross. that reminds me of an urban legend; A woman fell in love with this handsome man. They slept with each other for a few months. One day he disappeared and she never saw him again. She went to the doctor to get rid of a rash that she had recently found on her vagina. The doctor took tests and the rash was actually maggots from the man. the doctor told her these were the only kind of maggots you can get sleeping with corpses.

Maggots On The Pussy

Question Friday - Would You Phuck It?

It is question Friday - Would You Phuck It?

Going Where No Man Will Go Again

Maybe some man went there in the past.  But never again.
No man will ever explore this part of the galaxy, ever again.

Except maybe Walrus Guy?

Going Where No Man Will Go Again. Naked fat woman

Face has been masked to protect the "innocent"

WTF Is This?

WTF is this?  What are the lumps on the side?
Vagina between the legs?  Looks like it...

WTF is this

Smeg Penis

Watching this one almost brought some barf into my throat.
Guess she really likes yogurt...


Select Your Hole

Would you like to try the traditional vagina?  Or something a little different?
The choice, is yours...

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