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Which way to McDonald's?

Tourist "Which way to McDonald's?"
Local: "It is just over there, open till ..." BAM

Hand ripped off by a bus. True? Perhaps not...

Thanks to ThornyDeath for uploading the picture.

Hand Cut From Loyal Reader

Normally posts are from pictures of the dead, that are often truly phuckep up.
However today I'll feature a picture of a reader who phucked up his hand pretty good, check out those tendons...

(Click pic to zoom)
Reader hand cut

Thanks to Jakestoned who was perhaps stoned when he did this!

Avocado Sandwich

Should-out to Maxwell for sending this to Mr. Phucked
Avocado sandwich

Car Wash vs. Hand Job

Car Wash vs. Hand Job.
Who do you think is going to win?  
Lets break this down:

Car Wash
$5 for car, $8 for truck
Kids may not do a good job of car wash.

Hand Job
$5 so same price or cheaper if you drive a truck.  She may charge more for big dick, $8 seems competitive.
She looks like she may be good.

Looking like car wash may have the edge here...

Car wash vs. Hand Job?

Mr. Fingers

This is not from the exploding bomb in hand video.  But he certainly still had a bad day!

Mr. Fingers

Bomb Explodes In Hand

Moral of the story? Always make sure your fuse is long enough!
Bet he wishes he just used a fishing rod now!

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High Five!

High five?  Well maybe this person will not be giving a high five anytime soon!

High Five?

Some weird ass Muslin thing it looks like.  He won't be giving a high five anytime soon...

High Five and a severed hand
Thanks to arsonist for submitting this to Mr. Phucked
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