That's Phucked

Squashed Head From Syria

War is hell. Here is the actual proof of that. This is what happended during a battle in Syria.

TGIF - Have some breasts

Breast Art For Friday. "Mummy, what are those?"
Breast art

Selfie Fail

If you're going to take a sexy selfie with your pants off AND your kid is around. Close the door first!
Little less extreme than our previous selfie picselfie fail

What to do when bathroom is full?

So what do you do when the bathroom on the train is full?
Pee out of the window of course!
Please do this when the train is not moving...

When this kid brings his first girlfriend home to his parents.  She won't be seeing the usual naked kid in bathroom pics!

What do you do when the train bathroom is full?

Kid Runs Away From Home

Parents are going to be pissed... 

Another Dead Mother & Kid

Seems to be a bunch of sick fucks out there who like killing mothers and their kid

Another Dead Mother & Kid

Dead Mother And Kid

Looks to me like the mother was raped and then killed along with the kid.
Mother is trying to hold the kids hand.  Pretty sad...

Click pics to zoom

Dead Mother And Kid

Dead Mother And Kid

Dead Mother And Kid

Bloated Dead Kid

Almost does not look real.  But is...

We can call him "Sporty"

Legless Kid

What happened here?  Phuck knows.
Maybe didn't clean his room?  Picked his nose?

According to "Tiger".  His name is Gabriel Kuhn, killed by his friend Daniel Petry over money owed for a MMORPG computer game called Tibia, happened in Santa Catalina, Southern Brazil.

legless kid with legs cut off
legless kid with legs cut off
legless kid with legs cut off
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