That's Phucked

Kill Her Then Feel Her Boob

Kill Her Then Feel Her Boob? Why not is what this guy was thinking...
Oh wait, I'll take a pic of it too!

Kill Her Then Feel Her Boob

Blue Balls Kill

GF not putting out? Told her about blue balls and still no action?
Show her this pic of what can happen without a release. Maybe, just maybe...

Urban Dictionary definition of blue balls :

"the excrutiating[sic] pain a man receives when his balls swell to the size of coconuts because of lack of sex, unfinished bjs, and just not cummin[sic] when he knows he should. "


Hard To Kill

His tattoo says it all.  He is "hard to kill" although I doubt he will be able to smell his own shit after this.

Hard to kill

Ghetto Abortion

No health insurance for an abortion?  Try the ghetto style abortion.
Just make sure you have a plunger handy...

50 Caliber Kill

Ah yes, the good old 50 Cal.  If you're shot with it, you're phucked, period!

You can check out another video of a 50 Caliber Victim here.

50 Caliber Kill
50 Caliber Kill
50 Caliber M107

Do The Twist

The Dance?  Hell no.
Do the phucked twist!

Do The Twist #1

Do The Twist #2

Black Power

Heard of white power?  Here is black power.
Looking forward to the comments on this one...

Rangers Kill Unarmed Man In Karachi At Point Blank Range

Title pretty much says it all.  Rangers kill an unarmed man in Karachi at point blank range!

Please note.  No animals were harmed in this video, just a human.  Most of you seem to prefer this based on the vote for Should ThatsPhucked show animal cruelty videos?

Thanks to SK182 for submitting this to Mr. Phucked.
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