That's Phucked

Killed And Stripped

On a good note, at least he was not killed, stripped and skinned!

Although on taking a closer look.  Did he have his penis cut off?  Or just small... 

Killed And Stripped

Asians, Dogs and Flied Lice

Asians cook dogs and toss them over walls.
asian toss dog off bridge

Look both ways before you cross

No girl scout cookies here...

Look both ways before you cross young girl killed on the road

Paper Baby

Abandoned baby by some teenage Mom perhaps?
The real 16 and pregnant show...

Paper Baby

Girl In A Box

How do you fit a girl in a small space?  Remove portions until she fits...

Girl In A Box

Al Assad Killed 12 Year-Old Child

12-year-old child was shot by Bashar Al Assad and his gangs in Daraa| Al Haraa in Syria.  The people are trying to open his mouth to say that "There is No God except Allah and Mohammed(Peace be upon him) his Messenger"
For this reason they are trying to open his Mouth as they're repeatedly saying that phrase and they wanted him to repeat it after them.
Of course from looking at his head, he will not be saying anything...

Dog Dragged By Biker

Dog Dragged By Biker.  Well I think the title says it all.  If you're a pussy, don't watch the video.
If you're phucked up, then press play!

Killed During Attempted Breast Robbery

Looks like someone tried to grab her breasts...

Killed During Attempted Breast Robbery

Bob and Joe Have A Bad Day

Don't know how they were killed, but killed they were.

Two murdered bodies
Two murdered bodies 2 - Adult Disclaimer

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