That's Phucked

Knife To The Neck

Good reason to not do your own cooking...

Knife To The Head

Boy vs. Knife

In the game of Boy vs. Knife.  Knife will always win...

Cook Me Ma Dinner Biatch

What do hicks do when their woman don't cook their dinner?
Stab them with a knife!

Cook Me Ma Dinner

Here is some hicks for ya:


Russian Teens Mutilate Girls Face & Body

After two Russian teens kill a girl.  They later return to the body to begin mutilating her whilst taping themselves on camera.  They proceed to cut off her ear, cut her hand off and even poke her eye with a knife.
They have since been caught and are awaiting sentence after forgetting to erase the recording from their parents camera.

Not only are they phucked up human beings but phucken stupid too!

Sinaloa Cartel Members Beheaded By Chainsaw

"Dude from us" reminded me of the video about the sinaloa cartel members beheading one man with a chainsaw, then the other with a knife.
What is amazing is how calmly these two guys await their impending execution. When the first guy is getting his head cut off with the chainsaw the other guy sits there so calmly.
After the first guy's head falls off from the chainsaw, the second calmly looks down at the head laying on the ground.  The dude is sooo cool.  How many guys would be so calm seeing their fate like that?
Second guy it turns out is not so “lucky”.  He get’s his head cut off with a knife.  After seeing what happens with the knife I would much prefer the chainsaw, it’s pretty quick.
After about 30 seconds of hacking away with the knife you can still hear the guy gasping for air.

Remember readers.  If you ever have a choice to die from either knife or chainsaw, chose the chainsaw!
Now that is a some phucked up ways to die!

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Knife In Penis

Bored tonight?  Why not stick a knife in your penis.  Yeah... that sounds like fun!

Knife In Penis

I Hate My Penis

With the two piercings almost looks like a smily face...

I hate my penis

Knife to the neck

The two ladies in the background are just looking.  What are they thinking?

"wow, she has really nice breasts, think she'll mind if I suck a nipple?"
"If I pull out the knife, how much blood will spurt out?"
"I really want to masturbate right now"

Knife to the neck

Knife Through Penis

Yesterday the wood missed the guys penis in the Human Kebab.  Today, this guy was not so lucky with a knife.


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