That's Phucked

Crocodile Bites Man's Head

You think your job is bad? It could be far worse...

Lion Attacks Man (Bloody Video)

You can see the lion really get a good bite out of this guy. Note half way through the video a cute little white dog pops into the background. It does not seem to care!
The loin is finally shot.  Does the man survive?  You'll just have to watch...

Shout out to intelecto for uploading the video.

Skank Of The Week Dec 23rd 2013

Note here the hands.  She has man hands!

Skank Of The Week Dec 23rd 2013

The Dog Man

Dude thinks he is a dog? He even scoots his ass on the floor just like one.

Eat Pussy Like A Man

Less gore more laughs...

Pregnant Man

You never thought it would be possible? Well, it is still not.  He is another Dead Puff

Pregnant Man

Man Cuts Off His Penis Tip

Only someone who truly hates their penis, would ever cut if off!
This guy obviously hates his penis since he decided to cut it right off!

Shout out to Nic for sending this to me.

Stoning Woman and Man for Adultery In Afghanistan

A man and woman who were bonning each other accused of carrying on an adulterous affair in Afghanistan have been stoned to death.

"Two people were stoned to death by Taliban in Mullah Quli village late yesterday," said Mohammad Ayob, the governor of Imam Sahib district in Kunduz province.

The couple, both in their 20s, had their hands tied behind their backs and stood in a field as several people among 100 local villagers threw rocks at them until they died.

"The Taliban convicted both to stoning to death, some from the crowd started throwing stones at the couple," said Abdul Satar, a resident of the town, according to AFP.

The man, 28, was married, while the woman, 23, was engaged. The couple allegedly confessed to having had an affair with one another.

The Taliban, which routinely carried out such sentences during its rule of Afghanistan in the late 1990s, recently flogged and stoned to death a pregnant woman for allegedly committing adultery.

Old Man Loses His Mind

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