That's Phucked

Face Off

Even though his face is blown off, he takes a drink, plays with his gun and chats away as if nothing is wrong.

Penis Cutting In Africa

Circumcision in the west and most developed nations you're "put under" and you wake up with a little less on your penis.
In Africa however Circumcision is a whole different deal!

Syria ISIS Execution In The Street

At least he is not a hack job like many of the South American executions. Clean off!

Tried To Run, But Failed

This poor phucker tried to run from someone with a saw.
They lost the race. Remember if you're being chased you only need to run faster than your buddy...

Tried to run, but failed the batte of the saw

Leg Ripped Off In Bike Accident

At the end of the video you see the leg laying on the side. Perhaps they can reattach it?

Busted Balls?

I have to admit. I am not too sure what this is. It does however look like a really phucked up penis. Or at least what is left of it... 

Balls blown off

Penis Ripped Off

Some possible causes of this:

1.  GF got pissed off.  Tied penis to car, drove off, ripping penis off.
2.  GF drove her motor bike over his balls, fast!
3.  Alien penis infestation.  
4.  Really bad gas causing explosion
5.  Bad gas, tried to light on fire, explosion
etc. etc. let us know your theories in the comments!

In the case of 1 or 2 above, he seems to have grabbed something from her (pink clothing)

Penis Ripped Off

Man Cuts Head Off His Penis

I think the title of this one says it all? Man Cuts Head Off His Penis.
Yeah, in true ThatsPhucked fashion. For some reason this guy decides to cut the head off his penis with a razor blade. Obviously he likes it since he is hard at the time.
But how the phuck is cutting your penis head off pleasurable?

Just another day on this site...

Uploaded by bodycutting
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Jerked Off AND Hung

Getting Jerked Off - Good.
Getting hung after you cum - Not so good

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