That's Phucked

Old School Gore

Remember the good old days? No?
Here is a reminder, same phucked up shit, just not in color (colour for those in UK English!)

old school gore

Breast Implant Gone Wrong

OK, not really.  But that kind of looks like three breasts

Breast Implant Gone Wrong

Old Nun Sucks Cock

This old nun may not be as old the Old Lady Cucks Cock Video but she is certainly trying hard.
In this case the blow job really does look like a job.  Guess they don't call it a blow "job" for nothing!

90 Year Old Nun Phucked

Is this?

(a) Proof that social security probably does not pay enough?
(b) Proof that even old nuns are horny?

(a) or (b) folks?

BTW, where is this park?

Old Man Loses His Mind

Old Man Loses His Mind

Vagina Transplant

Vagina Transplant.  When a woman need a new vagina.  They just cut it out of an old dead lady.

Convicted Of Raping 4 Year Old

This guy was convicted of raping a 4 year old.  He was killed in prison in Brazil.
Guess they have their own justice down there!

Maybe we should send our pedo's to Brazil to serve their time.
I bet they removed his penis first and made him watch!

Convicted Of Raping 4 Year Old in brazil

Old Lady Sucks Cock

Could this be worse that 2 Girls 1 Cup Video ?  Personaly, I think so!

Also, shout out to Amber for linking to this in a previous post.

Grandma Tits

Grandma has a surpise for you (Maybe it's Mr. Historys grandmother)
After this, check out some of the other phucked up Grandma pics and videos

Thanks to Cadelana Bel for submitting this to Mr. Phucked
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