That's Phucked

Asshole Falls Out

This whore should be up for an Oscar.
There are some awesome quotes such as "I love it when my Asshole falls out"
Her asshole really does fall out too...

Cumming Out Her Nose

I have to say, I cracked up at this one!
You've all had that moment when you're drinking coke, then you start laughing and it comes out your nose?

Works for cum too...

Cumming Out Her Nose

Heading Out To Catch The Train

Brings a whole new meaning to, heading out...

Heading Out To Catch The Train

Baby Inside Out

Baby inside out

Indian Suicide With Balls And Cock Out

Is this what happens in India when the internet is down and you cannot masturabate to porn?

Indian Suicide With Balls And Cock Out

Some Things Are Just Wrong

Now I bet you were not expecting that now were you?

Look Out Below

This got me thinking.  Since she is obviously really drunk.  Could you get buzzed from drinking her pee?
Since kids these days are drinking hand sanitizer to get the alcohol out.  This could not be much worse.

Look Out Below here comes the pee

Ass Chewed Out

Brings a whole new meaning to the term of getting your Ass Chewed Out!

Ass Chewed Out

I have a headache

Can someone please pass the Advil?  I have a headache...

I have a headache but head of blown off too - Adult Disclaimer

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