That's Phucked

Sexy Lady Eats Mouse

Mouse is cute, but apparently tasty. Will she swallow?

We Have a Jumper!

Not really sure how her top ended up almost off. But we'll call that a plus!

we have a jumper

Selfie Fail

If you're going to take a sexy selfie with your pants off AND your kid is around. Close the door first!
Little less extreme than our previous selfie picselfie fail

New Phucked Porn Site

Seems to me that phucked up porn is niche that everyone here would like.
This is based on the videos and comments on that particular topic.

So I have decided to create another site that specializes on Phucked Up Porn of videos and pics. Of course lots of sexy stuff on there too.

If anyone has any features you'd like to see, let me know in the comments!

Mr. Phucked

Skank Of The Week May 6th

The strange thing about this slut. She is cute, but phuck that pussy is ugly.
Taking her home from the bar you think you're in luck. Then you take her pants off. What do you do...?

Click to zoom
skank of the week

Sexy Dead Girl

Who is she? Poor victim of a crime? Dead hooker?
We may never know. Either way, waste!


Got Butter?

What do you get if you put butter on your pussy and your puppy is around?
Got butter?

Dr. I Swallowed My Keys, Can You Help?

I'm sure she would now regret heading to the hospital and saying she swallowed her keys....
i swallowed my keys

Bent Over Pussy Fail

Is she trying to look sexy?
Maybe showing how 10 years of being phucked by big dicks has destroyed her vagina?
OK.  Maybe showing how her stomach sags?  Either way, NOT Sexy!

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