That's Phucked

Holy Shit


I just returned from a short trip to Cambodia (Cool temples)

But I will say.  Their food is not clean.  I spent the last two days shitting my brains out all over the bathroom.
Fun?  Phuck no!

Pics of this:

Required days of this:

Eat Shit And Die

If you're ever drunk and someone says "Eat shit".
Just walk away...

Eat Shit And Die

Funnel Girl

Forget Milk Shakes or shit like that.  How about actual shit?

Heroin Overdose

Think you're having a bad day?  Try getting yourself high, shitting yourself, dying and then ending up infamous on
Yup, bad day...

Heroin Overdose

Dirty Sanchez - How To

Wondering what you and your date can do this weekend?  How about some good old fashioned Dirty Sanchez.
Dirty Sanchez is performed when a male fingers a female's ass and wipes the reminants on the female's upper lip.
Share your Dirty Sanchez stories in the comments!

Can You Spare Some Change?

I just shit myself, don't know where I am.  Can you spare some change?

So you think you're having a bad day...?

Can You Spare Some Change?

Shit Eating Elephant

I guess they don't get fed enough in that Zoo.  Maybe it was desert?

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Shit Stick

Anal has it's risks, getting poo on your dick is one of them!

Cleveland Steamer

I've been pretty phucked up before (for various reasons)
Did I ever want my buddy to take a shit on my chest?  Hell No!

This guy did...

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