That's Phucked

Suicide Bullet To The Head

Suicide via bullet to the head. Brains, who needs those, not him!

Suicide via bullet to the head. Brains, who needs those, not him!

Lion Attacks Man (Bloody Video)

You can see the lion really get a good bite out of this guy. Note half way through the video a cute little white dog pops into the background. It does not seem to care!
The loin is finally shot.  Does the man survive?  You'll just have to watch...

Shout out to intelecto for uploading the video.

Drive Thru Gone Wrong

Guy in background.
"You want fries with that?"
"Want to supersize?"

Subincision - Hammer Time

Subincision, yeah whatever. Seen that before many times (View more subincision here)
But this guy also sticks a hammer up his ass while he jerks off.
Whatever works for him...

Shot In The Street On Live TV

Film crew arrives on the scene (listening to police scanners) after a complaint of a disturbance.
They arrive in time to see a guy being shot, live on TV!

I have a headache

Can someone please pass the Advil?  I have a headache...

I have a headache but head of blown off too

Sorry Man

Moral of this story?  Always aim at the tits!

Can You Find My Eye For Me?

Looks like a suicide or murder to me...

guy shot in head
(Click for zoom)

Split Ends

Every girl has had split ends at point of time.  But like this?

BTW: Not really sure if male or female.  I normally have problems with that!

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