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Video Game Cheater Gets Knife Through Head and Survives

Video Game Cheater Gets Knife Through Head and Survives

An argument between two Counter-Strike players at a Chinese net café over suspected 'wallhack' cheat led to a 17-year-old boy being stabbed through the head with a foot-long knife and actually surviving the attack!

The 17-year-old victim was suspected of using a hack that allowed him to see through walls, giving him an advantage over his adversaries.

A fight broke out outside the net café regarding the hack, and one decided to do a little hacking of his own, stabbing a large knife into the side of the cheater's head.

While still conscious, he was rushed to a nearby hospital. After around 10 hours of surgery, the knife was successful removed. The boy survived, but is under observation in case bits of rust came off inside his brain.

Physician Yan Shi-jun, who operated on the cheater, said that the chances of surviving such a wound were one in ten thousand.
He is one lucky phucker!

Video Game Cheater Gets Knife Through Head and Survives x-ray

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