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Happy New Year!

To all the readers of ThatsPhucked.  Happy New Year!
I hope you all have a fantastic 2014.  To celebrate, have a pierced pussy!
If you prefer a pierced penis, we have that too!

pierced pussy

Women Sleeps Next To Dead Husband for A YEAR!

Women Sleeps Next To Dead Husband for A YEAR

This is either a testament to undying love or just a crazy old woman.
You decide...

A grieving woman in Belgium was so devastated by her husband’s death that she couldn’t bear to report it to police.
Instead she slept next to his corpse for almost a year!

The mummified remains of Marcel H, 79, lay undiscovered in a Brussels apartment.

The theory is that he died of an asthma attack in around November of last year.  But his crazy beloved 69-year-old wife, who hasn’t been named, continued to sleep next to the remains, despite the smell of rotting flesh.

So how bad would this have been?

Philippe Boxho, pathologist at the Forensic Center of Liege said:

"A body can mummify in a dry, warm environment.  It takes at least a week to reach such a state. In this case the body had rotten in the bed and his internal organs had melted and liquefied.  This liquid would have spread and the bed would have been swarming with insects as the body rotted, this would have been a real shame.
Even though the smell of human decay is quite specific, many people equate that smell to the smell of garbage and once the body has become rotten the smell does decrease significantly.
This is not the first time I have made a discovery of this kind, I've been faced with two or three other occasions where people have continued to sleep with the corpse of their partner."

So readers?  True love or a crazy old woman?

Shout-out to Joseph for submitting this to Mr. Phucked

Women Sleeps Next To Dead Husband for A YEAR

90 Year Old Nun Phucked

Is this?

(a) Proof that social security probably does not pay enough?
(b) Proof that even old nuns are horny?

(a) or (b) folks?

BTW, where is this park?

Convicted Of Raping 4 Year Old

This guy was convicted of raping a 4 year old.  He was killed in prison in Brazil.
Guess they have their own justice down there!

Maybe we should send our pedo's to Brazil to serve their time.
I bet they removed his penis first and made him watch!

Convicted Of Raping 4 Year Old in brazil

12 Year Old Hit By Bus

After yesterday's Look both ways before you cross.  Here is another...


12 Year Old Hit By Bus

2 Year Old Girl Run Over In China

Surveillance video from Foshan, in China's southeastern Guandong province shows a van driving over a two year old girl, leaving her bleeding on the street.  For the next seven minutes, passersby ignored the injured toddler, who was then hit by a second vehicle!

A woman finally pulls the girl to the side of the street before her mother, a migrant worker in the city, rushes into the frame.  The girl is now in a coma and hospitalized and both drivers who ran over the girl have been arrested.

Apparently many people in China are scared to help people who appear to be in distress for fear that they will be blamed.  High-profile law suits have ended with good Samaritans ordered to pay hefty fines to individuals they sought to help.

Truly Phucked Up Indeed…

Boy Falls From Ferris Wheel

It occurred on April 23rd, 2008 when a 6 year old boy falls from a ferris wheel in Berdsk, Novosibirsk.
Video is crappy quality but you can still see the fall of the poor kid.

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Dead Guy After 1 Year

This is what you look like if you die in your chair and are discovered one year later.  Notice how his ball area seems to have deteriorated badly even through his jeans?

dead for 1 year

dead for 1 year

75 Year Old GIves Birth To 46 Year Old Baby

75 Year Old GIves Birth To 46 Year Old Baby

in 1955 in a small village just outside Casablanca, 26 year old Zahra Aboutalib is pregnant with her first child. She was looking forward to giving birth, but after 48 hours of painful labour, she was rushed to the local hospital. Doctors informed her that she would need a caesarean section. On the ward Zahra saw a woman in terrible pain die in child-birth. She fled the hospital fearing she would meet the same fate if she remained.

In the days that followed, Zahra continued to suffer excruciating labour pains but the baby remained resolutely in her womb. After a few more days the pains ceased and the baby stopped moving.

In Moroccan culture, it is believed that a baby can sleep inside the mother to protect her honour. Zahra believed this myth and put the pregnancy out of her mind. She adopted three children and in due course they made her a grandmother.

Many years later when Zahra was 75 years old, the pains suddenly returned. Her son being concerned for his mother's well-being wanted her to see a specialist. For this they had to travel to Rabat where they saw Professor Taibi Ouazzani. He suspected the protruding belly was being caused by an ovarian tumour and arranged for her to have an ultra-sound scan. This revealed a large mass that he could not identify.

He referred Zahra to a specialist radiographer for a second opinion. He could see it was a calcified structure of some sort, but it took a detailed MRI scan to reveal that it was the baby Zahra had conceived 46 years earlier.

Zahra had an ectopic pregnancy where the egg had implanted in the fallopian tube. The foetus that developed, burst out of the fallopian tube and continued to develop in the abdominal cavity. It survived by attaching it's placenta to vital organs around her stomach.

Professor Ouazzania was faced with a difficult decision when deciding if it would be safe to try and remove the foetus. The foetus weighed 7lb and measured 42cm in length.
Lithopedion Baby
Stone Baby

When they operated they discovered that the foetus had calcified and was a hard, solid lump. It was, essentially, a stone-baby. More concerning was the fact that it had fused with her abdominal wall and vital organs.

After nearly 4 hours the surgeons manage to remove the calcified foetus from Zahra and the operation is hailed a success.

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