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Foot Binding

Foot binding is a custom that started in China during the Tang Dynasty (618 - 907). Back then small feet were considered beautiful so young girls were forced to bind their feet to stop them from growing.

Foot binding involved wrapping strips of cloth around the feet of baby girls. The cloth pushed the small toes under the foot. This made the foot bow and brought the big toe and heel closer together. The strips would be tightened every day and the girls would have to walk with their feet bound. The small toes would break and the whole foot became deformed. The purpose of binding was to keep feet from growing larger than 10cm which is only 3.9 inches!

This may not be as phucked up as inserting an apple into your pussy.  But foot binding is for life and does not heal!

foot binding foot binding
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fucking grosssss


asian men must bind there cocks cause they are small


lol @ timmy. but i am with an asian and he is small.  but that is fucked up. why would someone do that shit to a baby.


United States shutdafuckup

i dont think having feet like that makes you beautiful lol....not to me


I've seen this image before. Footbinding doesn't start until age six to twelve, sabrina.


I've heard of this before. It's pretty messed up...


i bet she gets some nasty foot fungus in that huge crevice...


that looks really fake. how can there be a straight line spliting her foot? it would be all scabed up and scarred.


mikey iovenko
United States mikey iovenko

im pretty that they do it so they can wear a special type of heels


I have big feet! And i'm proud! :-P


Suppose it's a useful post indeed! Just bookmarked it!


Venetia, nothing you can do. Your phone isn't supported. 3GS and up only.


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