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Mother Kills son and then receives alimony

Here is the Phucked Up story of the week!

Linda Calbi beat her 14 year old son Matt during a violent argument at their home.  Matt later died from internal bleeding and cardiac arrest.
Linda Calbi was originally charged with murder, but the charges were later downgraded to aggravated assault, based on expert reports that medical error contributed significantly to the boy's death. She was sentenced last year to three years in prison and won't be eligible for parole until November 2008.

The Calbis were divorced in 2001 after 15 years of marriage. A few months after Matt's death.

Now if this was not bad enough, she is now claiming alimony from the distraught father of her killed son.
"She took the life of her oldest son, scarred her younger son for the rest of his life, and tore the fabric of my soul from me," Chris Calbi wrote in papers filed in Superior Court in Hackensack. "To reward this evil and violent woman by allowing her ... to derive a financial benefit from the family she destroyed ... can only be described as a perversion of our justice system."

So let’s just summarize...

Mother kills son, only does 3 years in prison, then claims alimony from the ex husband!

Imagine if this happened to you?
You spent 15 years of your life with a woman who ultimately killed your son.
Then you’re ordered by the court to pay her $4,000 a month when she gets out of prison.

This is the law; in this case, the law is wrong.
The law is there to protect the innocent and to punish the guilty.  The only reason they’re divorced is because she killed his son.  She only does three years in prison and he is expected to pay her money!

More thoughts…

If the roles had been reversed and the father had killed his son, do you think he would have received only 3 years?
I think not, he would have done time for either murder or man slaughter.

What do I think he should do?
Sue her for wrongful death of his son for at least the amount that she is to receive in alimony.

This folks is pretty damned Phucked Up!

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That is super phucked up!!!! First.


That is totally fucked if they give that scum of a bitch a single fuckin cent. The court should have he work so she could earn enuff money for her own legal execution. Fry the bitch.


This story is phucked from so many angles.  She does very little time for killing her son, then screws the distraught husband for his money!
Yup, Phucked Up!


Welcome to America, where the guilty live well, and the innocent pay. how typical this shit is. I always said the justice system was Phucked up, and here's just further proof that our government needs a serious douche. We need to clean out all this crap that allows these perversions of the justice system to take place!



Thats some goddamn mother fucking bull shit


That's the most fucked up thing I've seen on here.  And I made it all the way to, and past, the cow-head humping tranny.  So you can imagine just how fucked up I think this is.  

I think you're right, too.  I think if it was a guy, it would've been longer.  A LOT longer.  There's a lot of sexism going on nowadays, but it's reversed now.  I honestly think the femmies took it waaaaaaay too far.  

Oh, and this lady should be beaten to death.  An eye for an eye, bitch!


Just another jewel of our legal system!  Years ago there was a man who was forced to pay alimony to his ex-wife who intentinally burned down the home they built together (luckily no lives were lost) and law doesnt specify what form the money comes in so for years he would drop off a dozen sacks filled with nickels and pennies or would give her fitsfuls of foreign currency with an exact exchange rate. This man should piss on a fistful of hundreds and slap her with it every month for the rest of her life.  I also hope he and his survivng children sued her into the pavement!


That's some serious fucking evil shit. And then people wonder why folks turn to anarchy and terrorism. Fuck the law. If that shit happened to me, I'd kill the bitch.


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