That's Phucked

Removing My Own Testicle

I never understand why people mutilate their private parts.  This guy for some reason has some problem with his testical.
So he decided to remove it, himself!

Penis Modification 1
Penis Modification 1
Penis Modification 1
Penis Modification 1

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penis is raw
United States penis is raw

u know Mr. Phucked, I follow you on twitter so I get the news quick!

This one?  Scarred for me, big time.
My nuts hurt just looking at it!


Gauntlets The Fighter
United States Gauntlets The Fighter

Ya know?  I won't even watch da BME pain olympics... So seein' dis gots me sayin' "My God!"


Why oh why oh why?

My balls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You have to say that he has balls.. ball.. Well. He has guts.


What did I tell you BME is real, mabe not the gore vids, but THEY DO MUTILATE THEIR PENISES/BALLS lol.


For people still saying they are being charged or don't understand, make sure you followed the steps exactly. Here is a summary from the post (for ATT):


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