That's Phucked

What a drag

Poor phucker was dragged along the street. Mabye a dog was getting revenge on his owner?
Maybe a dog friend of this video


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That looks like a military nurse...


I would not want to live if I was that guy


I suddenly have a terrible craving for a large pizza with extra cheese.


I dont get it man???????????????????????


The man just reminded to buy me some beef tomorrow! He'll be fine, those little wounds are almost invisible, and this transformer knows no pain.  


Mr. Phucked in the ass
United States Mr. Phucked in the ass

Can you imagine the pain of not only that.  But laying on your front for months.  There is no way that skin will grow back.  Would need skin grafts from your legs, so that is more pain there too.
Advil?  Will not cut it!


People's Republic of China duguqiubaihh

Why didn't he bleed?


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